Kingsbarns Distillery Founders' Club FAQs

What do I receive for being a member?

Members will receive six packages. The first, which will arrive within a few weeks of payment of your membership, is a welcome pack which consists of a 200ml bottle of Kingsbarns Distillery new make spirit, a Founders' Club glass and a badge. Sometime after November 2018 you will receive your first full size bottle of Kingsbarns Single Malt, which will be the first ever bottling to be released from the distillery. Around the anniversary of this bottle arriving for four consecutive years you will also receive further bottling which will be unique to the Founders' Club and will not be available to purchase elsewhere.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes,there will be special events & tastings for Founders' Club members at the distillery.  We will also tell Founder's Club members first when we release Limited Release bottlings before they go on general sale. The will vary from Single Cask releases to vattings of a small number of multiple casks but will in every instance be a Kingsbarns Single Malt.

What’s the cost?

The cost of membership is £500 inclusive of VAT and UK duties but exclusive of delivery charges. All delivery charges for the six packages are added to the membership cost and are required to be paid for at the time membership is taken out.

What happens once I’ve paid my membership fee?

If you have purchased a Founders' Club membership via one of our retail partners, you will within a few days receive an email from Kingsbarns Distillery welcoming you to club and giving you a link to click on to set up your Username and Password. This username and password will give you access to your account which shows your chosen delivery address and details as well as any Founders' Club days or special offers.  If you have purchased your membership directly from the Kingsbarns website or at the distillery, you will already have set up your username and password during the initial transaction and will not need to do so again.

How do you calculate the delivery charges?

The delivery charges are worked out by taking the current cost of delivery of bottle to your chosen location and multiplying it by six for the number of packages members will receive.

Why is my delivery location not available?

Some countries prohibit the shipment of alcohol from overseas and/or make it too expensive for it to be a viable option. This will be why your chosen delivery location is not available. It is always possible to have it shipped to a friend in another country for collection at a later date!

What happens if I wish to change my delivery location after having taken out membership?

This is perfectly possible. If you are moving within the same country or US State, you can make changes to your delivery address on your account details on the Founders' Club website.  If you are moving to a different country or US state, you need to email quoting your membership number and give your new delivery address. We will check that we can deliver to the location and see what the cost is. If there are any additional charges you will need to settle these before we can update your member’s account.

What about import duties if I live outside the UK?

We will pay UK duty on the bottles but you will be responsible for any additional duties payable in your country. This is the same basis that many online whisky retailers operate work upon.

Which states in the USA do you ship to?

We are able to ship to following states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.

Can I buy more than one membership for myself? 

Yes. Once you have purchased your initial membership, you will be able to buy additional memberships using the same email and delivery address.

Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone else? 

Yes.  You will need to know the person's email and delivery addresses. 

How will I know when a bottle has been sent to me? 

We will put a sent date against each item that we have shipped to you on your member's account on the website.  For example, Welcome Pack sent on date, followed by First Bottle sent on date, etc.

What happens if my bottles don't arrive? 

You will be notified by email when the bottles are due to be sent out. If the shipment doesn’t arrive, please email and we will provide the tracking number.

What if I forget my username? 

Please email Please include your first and last name in your email. 

What if I forget my password? 

You can reset your password on your member's account on the Founders' Club website.